Danish Ecovillage Network

Øko samfund Danmark

The Danish Ecovillage Network was the first national network to be established in 1993. Its significance derives from the fact that the ecovillage movement can be said to have originated in Denmark, evolving out of the Danish cohousing movement with roots going back to the late 1960s and by an initiative by Gaia Trust in 1990 to link projects globally. Denmark is probably the country with the most ecovillages relative to population size. At last count, there were well over 50 member communities in the Danish network, known as LØS (Landsforening for Økosamfund) in Danish, and many more co-housings.

LØS has had its own newsletter since 1993, is widely recognized, and has been consulted at times concerning legislation related to community issues, such as financing of ecological housing.

For more details, Danish language persons can have a look at the LØS website, while English language persons can read an article on this site on the “Danish Ecovillage Network History.“