The Ecovillage Design Education (EDE)

The EDE curriculum covers four dimensions of sustainability: Worldview, Social, Ecological and Economical. Each dimension or section has been subdivided into 5 modules as shown in the sustainability circle below. It was first developed and offered in several ecovillages (among them Findhorn and Crystal Waters) and has been adjusted and refined during the years since 1998. As it appears in 2005 it is the result of the work of about twenty experienced ecovillage educators (“The Founding Geese”) and solidly based in ecovillage reality. Gaia Education is offering this for free to the world, asking only for an acknowledgment of the source. It can be downloaded as a PDF file here and translated into any language. It has been endorsed by GEN (Global Ecovillage Network) and UNITAR (The United Nations Institute for Training and Research).

It will be revised from time to time based on feedback and experience, most recently in early 2012. You can buy a hard copy and/or a DVD of the curriculum by contacting May East, the Program Director of Gaia Education at

Ecovillages wishing to use the UNITAR and GEN endorsements in their marketing of the course must first receive certification (of both teaching staff and facilities) by the Gaia Education Certification Committee (focaliser Dan Greenberg). Note that only the 4-week course has the endorsements. Anyone is free to use the material for teaching courses of any length without the endorsement, but Gaia Education would expect an acknowledgement. Organizers of certified courses may apply for support grants from Gaia Education.

Additional material for both teachers and students is under development.

Four Keys to Sustainable Settlements